Tommy Clark

Tommy is a landscape architect with over 6 years’ experience, working on a wide range of international projects in both an urban and rural context. Tommy believes that integrated landscape architecture can create stimulating, fun and memorable places for everyone. He has a particular interest in creating wild, naturalistic landscapes that also help to improve urban issues such as flooding, overheating, pollution, loss of ecology and a lack of genuine public space. He is also interested in using temporary interventions and events to activate under used sites and enable people to engage with each other and their surrounding environment.


Before working at SEW Tommy worked at Stoss Landscape Urbanism in Boston, Jacobs Engineering in Glasgow, and Martha Schwartz Partners in London. Each job brought a different challenge, from developing a flexible landscape strategy to help alleviate issues with vacancy in Detroit, to designing mitigation for new road networks, to an ambitious international design competition for a civic square in China.


Since joining Studio Egret West in 2014 Tommy has worked on a large variety of projects and believes that the integration of landscape, urban design and architecture can bring the best out of any project. Tommy has delivered the landscape design of The Old Vinyl Factory masterplan in Hayes. This project references the sites former history as the HMV factory through a series of playful squares, pedestrian routes and contemporary sculptures. Tommy also led the landscape design for Erith Quarry, a 500 home development on a former gravel quarry in Erith. In contrast this masterplan is driven by the ecologically rich, naturistic landscape that is woven amongst homes, a school, play areas and a new village green. Tommy equally enjoys working at a detailed scale, developing designs for bespoke movable planters inspired by 1960s furniture and working on the detail design of engaging, sensory play areas.

Tommy is a Landscape Architect with a BA degree and a Masters of Science degree in Landscape Architecture from Edinburgh College of Art.

+44(0)207 549 1730