Thor Hillestad

Thor moved from Norway to join Studio Egret West as an Architectural Assistant in February 2016.

Thor graduated from the Royal academy of fine arts in Copenhagen in 2015. As well as attending the Royal Academy he also studied abroad where he completed to semesters at RMIT in Melbourne Australia.

Thor has studied a broad field of subjects ranging from large scale city planning to furniture and small scale housing projects. During his bachelor he studied urbanism and landscape. When he attended his master he studied furniture design as well as architectural light design, where he finished his master and completed his theses.

His theses project, “Tryvann Athletics High school”, was a large scale project where he designed a 1300sqm athletics high school located in a large forest retreat near Oslo. The projects key focus was the relationship between nature and architecture, as well as architectural daylight design. This project also had a large emphasis on shape finding, which was inspired from the ab morphed shapes of the human anatomy as well as the dynamic mountain terrain.