Faye Lawrence

Faye joined SEW in 2017, where she is responsible for all areas of managing the Studio's Showroom programme, including: ReWorking London, a 3 month exhibition planned and delivered as a part of the London Festival of Architecture 2018 that explored co-locating housing and industry; and Multi-Stories, a 3 month exhibition highlighting the future of car parks and the impact on our communities.


She also liaises externally, inviting third parties to host their exhibitions within the Showroom. This includes the Architectural Journal Small Projects Awards which launches in April 2019 at SEW, followed by a photography exhibition raising awareness of refugees, as well as SEW's own 2019 LFA event - Fault Lines.


Faye’s day to day tasks involve: project scheduling, managing the financial budgeting of the annual programme and the individual exhibitions / events; team planning; liaising with 3rd party contractors on build and installation; and in-house on business development and marketing activity including talks, dinners, and workshops.


+44(0)207 549 1730