Cecilia Lindström

Cecilia is an associate director and urban designer at Studio Egret West with over 12 years working experience specialising in urban design, strategic frameworks, research, exhibitions and publications.

Since joining Studio Egret West in 2007, Cecilia has been involved in a wide range of mixed-use schemes and public realm projects. Present projects include an initiative to re-shape the Catford Town Centre through public realm improvements and a diversified town centre offering, and a landscape-led vision for the Dartington Estate in Devon that seeks to reignite the estate’s experimental spirit and re-establish it as a progressive laboratory for learning and living.

Previous projects include: the Mayfield framework plan in Manchester that proposes 1,300 homes and 1,5million square feet commercial/leisure uses around a new 6-acre park in the heart of the city that will act as a catalyst for the regeneration of the wider Piccadilly area in anticipation of HS2; the regeneration of the iconic Alton West Estate in Roehampton which proposed a series of focused interventions to upgrade the residential fabric, revitalise the civic centres, and reprogram the public realm; the outline planning application for New Bermondsey, a comprehensive new mixed-use neighbourhood of up to 2,500 homes and a range of communal and commercial elements based around a new regional centre of sporting excellence; the Old Vinyl Factory masterplan for the former EMI headquarter in West London which proposed to bring the area back to life as a mixed-use urban neighbourhood that includes the creative reuse of the retained factory buildings, and; Stratford Public Spaces, which delivered a series of public realm upgrades and a 450 metre long kinetic sculpture to regenerate and consolidate Stratford Island in time for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

She has prepared numerous strategic framework plans and urban design strategies: the masterplan competition for brutalist Aylesbury Estate in Southwark; the regeneration of the 35-hectare South Shields Riverside; phase 2 and 3 of the Greater Middlehaven Project in Middlesbrough including a 30-hectare public realm; the urban design strategy for the Sherwood Estate in Royal Tunbridge Wells; and the framework plan for a new eco development in Northern Ireland comprising 350 homes, a series of commercial and cultural/heritage elements, and a renewed public realm.

Cecilia also leads the studio’s research projects and the content production for the showroom’s temporary exhibitions, which focus on relevant topics that affect our cities and built environment today, from living with industry to the future of car parks.