Cassidy Reid

Cassidy is an architectural assistant who joined Studio Egret West in August 2017.

Cassidy re-joined Studio Egret West as a part 2 architectural assistant in August 2017. She worked at Studio Egret West during her year out where she worked on a variety of competitions and concept stage projects. She showed her ability to design while working on numerous projects comprising of public realm regeneration and mixed use residential schemes. These included Bromley Central High Street, Centenary Square (RIBA competition), Access Storage and Acton Gardens.

Cassidy studied both her undergraduate and masters at the Bartlett School of Architecture. Her final undergraduate project focused on water resources and sustainability in Istanbul. The design themes throughout the project focussed on public access and awareness of the aquatic ecology. Her approach was both experimental and culturally challenging, whilst also exploring design through a variety of media. Her final masters proposal forecasted a future in which Europe could sit as a result of emerging technologies. The project aimed to uncover Europe’s cultural corridor creating a backbone of free trade, movement and culture. A high speed terminal within London city evoked a space-bending feeling of connectivity between other European major cities. The design leveraged new technologies with the aim to manage a new hot-spot of entry and exit into the city centre. Syntax analysis and flow modelling was used as a generative tool for informing design decisions and efficiencies within the building proposal. The design cultivated and harboured a future for merging cultures by opening a gateway to the ‘hyper-link’, resulting in the future of the Pan-Europe network.