[RE]WORKING LONDON: An evening about living with industry

Next Thursday we are hosting (Re)Working London: An evening about living with industry. Join us for food and drink as we, alongside leading industry figures, discuss the future of urban living and industry in London. Speakers will be: Rob McNicol (Greater London Authority), Rob Sloper (U+I), Holly Lewis (We Made That), Lucas Lawrence (SEW) and David West (SEW) as chair.

The discussion will take place at the SEW showroom – the exhibition is open all day prior to the event, with the speakers commencing at 6.30pm sharp.

This event is part of our ‘(Re)Working London: An exhibition about living’,  where we and fellow architects and urbanists We Made That  have explored the possibilities for the identity of London’s industrial sites. Focusing on some of our recent works – from speculative through to complete – the exhibition envisions unusual hybrids and challenge the preconceived ideas of how industry and communities can relate. 

 The exhibition is open weekdays 10am – 4pm throughout the month of June, and is being held as part of the London Festival of Architecture, which this year explores the theme of 'identity'.

Find out more about the challenges and opportunities facing London’s industrial sites in our short video:  https://vimeo.com/273478551