Tolworth Broadway

Tolworth, London
LB of Kingston

In 2009, SEW won a design tender competition with over fifty entrants to be commissioned by the Royal Borough of Kingston as designers for public realm improvements to Tolworth Broadway. 

Previously, Tolworth Broadway was a visually congested, car-dominated environment. A plethora of shops and Seifert’s iconic Tolworth Tower, were not serviced properly due to the poorly used space in the middle of the street and safety measures, which in practice, conspired to make the street less secure for pedestrians. 

With a limited budget of £1.9 million, three major moves were identified to unlock the major problems of the Broadway. First, by removing the central barriers pedestrians can cross the road more freely, reducing vehicular dominance. Second, we created a ‘Greenway’ by transforming the central reservation into a strong visual element where people can walk and cycle. Finally, we implemented an improvement programme, focused on the roundabout intersection of the area, which provides surface crossings and develops the bridge over the A3 to create a strong connection to the station and leisure facilities. 

The striking, colourful effect of the striated Greenway serves to knit these three areas of improvement together to create a calm streetscape that gives pedestrians a priority in Tolworth.