Cathedral Group

Part residential scheme with 200 flats and part student village with 350 rooms, the development is anchored around a new pedestrian friendly street, which aims to capture the ‘movement’ of this future community. 

Studio Egret West’s main focus aside from developing the look and feel of the development, has been on the smaller mixed-use activities, which include a new boutique hotel, incubator units and an extension to the community centre. 

Though each building has it’s own architectural and material identity, they are all united in the aim of making activities within the buildings visible and playful from the street experience, thus emphasising the theme of ‘movement’. 

The boutique hotel is attached to the existing North Pole pub helping to create continuity between old and new. The incubator units create a rich visual texture of timber decks and terraces that parallels the various uses within. The community centre extension, with it’s projection from the original facade, offers new facilities such as a gallery space and a street cafe. The roof of the extension becomes a much-needed terrace to the existing main hall.