The Boilerhouse

Hayes, London

The Boiler House is the first residential phase of the Old Vinyl Factory Masterplan, a developing neighbourhood in Hayes, West London. 650 Homes and up to 4,000 jobs will be delivered with tight construction budgets.

We defined a relatively simple framework plan that delivered flexible building blocks, shaped by quite particular public spaces, Powerhouse Square, Vinyl Square and Gramophone Grove glued together by The Groove.

The scheme has to resolve the need for car parking with the desire to create new public spaces. A new multi storey car park provides the spaces required for the office and cinema uses freeing the land for other buildings.

Residential parking is under podium gardens and hidden by a wrap of affordable workshops and local retail spaces.

The reuse of existing buildings forms an important link with the past. The factory buildings become the new office buildings and the old power plant becomes the new Power House, still providing energy to the site via CHP boilers. A new music venue and café creates a distinctive centrepiece within a new diverse neighbourhood.