Rich Estate

Bermondsey, London
London Square

By the end of the eighteenth century it was estimated that one third of all leather produced in the country was manufactured in Bermondsey. 

Our proposal - relocates the core, releases the inner building and adds an extra layer to the central building, creating “the hide”- both a reference to the historical use of the site as well as a surprise destination hidden within the block.

Each building has been evolved through a process of complex design review that has considered a wide range of factors. This project has been recognised as a unique opportunity to design 6 buildings within a single masterplan, all to a detailed level of information. As such the design process has considered how the buildings will be treated together as well as separate entities. 

The buildings have also been considered in a range of scales from the long distance views presented to the wider city, through the medium streetscape scale up to the more human street side experience. The design development is shown here in a series of iteration.