Anderson Group

The new neighbourhood would provide the missing link in the future urban landscape that includes the London Riverside, the London Sustainable Industries Park and Beam Park.

We propose to retain all structures of architectural merit that can be viably refurbished and reused. 

One of these structures is the former powerhouse at the heart of the site. Over time, the building has fallen into disuse and is now in a derelict state. But it’s majestic appearance and history would add character and authenticity to the new neighbourhood, rooting it firmly in the area’s industrial and manufacturing past. 

And where better to locate a museum that celebrates the industrial heritage of East London! This surely, should be its home. 

At around 30,000 square feet, it could deliver the total space required to host a Ford Museum integrated with an East London Industrial Heritage Museum. Parts of the building would require demolition (to be determined following a full building survey) and new contemporary architectural components added to create a enigetic hub of exhibition and education with the capacity to draw visitors not just from East London but from a wider South-East catchment area.