Oxford Circus Station

London, UK
London Underground
On going

The Oxford Circus of the future will be one free of clutter, opened up to its original ‘circus’ form and with integrated retail and advertising.

There will no longer be a gateline, which means customers can travel more freely through the ticket hall.

We started by stripping the ticket hall back to essential information and removing clutter and anything which impeded the original circular form of the ticket hall. Following the principle that ‘place should begin at platform’, Oxford Circus will offer an immersive digital, often branded and tailored experience.

The station will be opened up to reveal its perfectly circular form; a halo of natural light will be filtered in; branding and art will decorate the walls and ceilings, and a digital and changeable 3D experience will be created for both customer information and commercial opportunities.

With the fundamental structure revealed, the focus can shift to making the station perform better. Connectivity will be expanded at ground level (respecting the character and fabric of the two Grade II listed surface buildings) and the underground spaces made to flow, with connections to Argyll Street, Regent Street and further east and west on Oxford Street.