Moscow, Russia
On going

Studio Egret West have designed a masterplan for the transformation of Khodynka Field (Khodynskoe Pole Airfield), Moscow’s oldest airport which closed in the 1990’s.  Now a large and under utilised open space, OAO "Avianpark" have appointed Studio Egret West to prepare a mixed use framework.

At once global and local, Orbit Park will connect an animated strip of ‘Runway Buildings’ including The Orbit with the surrounding communities. The outer rim of the park will contain neighbourhood play, sports courts, dog walking areas and picnicking places all bounded by a 1km ice skating track. Radial paths draw people from the outer rim to the heart of the park, past event lawns, through woodland groves and ecological planting to The Orbit. 

Within the woodland 10,000 elevated lights coalesce like constellations in the milky way. Further activities in the park are provided by the ‘Planetary Pavilions’. Large enough to accommodate national events or festivals while intimate enough for local play, Orbit Park will serve communities and visitors alike, revitalising the north west of Moscow. An undulating landscape ramps gently towards the straight edge of the park to conceal a large car park while also providing an active “built” edge along the main east-west artery. The Orbit Building accommodates the Russian National Aviation and Space Museum. 

The building is located at the centre of Orbit Park and appears as a hovering metallic structure, distorted to accentuate its three main entrances into a central covered courtyard space.

The site’s two main axes converge in this central square and define three large halls, traversed by a spiralling ramp high above the courtyard which takes visitors on a journey through the exhibits. The basement levels contain exhibition halls for large displays, as well as performance and conference facilities.