Liverpool Street Station

London, UK
London Underground

Ticket Hall B at Liverpool Street Station is the first completed manifestation of our London Underground Design Idiom.

Commissioned by TfL and London Underground, the Idiom is a document that sets out the vision for the next generation of underground stations, and outlines a holistic approach that can be practically applied to any style of station and any size of project, from small-scale patch repairs, to major refurbishments and even brand new stations. The specific delivered interventions at Ticket Hall B pertain to materiality and colour palette, a modular system for the floors and skirting, as well as improved lighting and wayfinding,

Developed through the design of products and case study stations (both live and speculative); the Idiom builds on the rich design DNA of London Underground. Throughout the project, we unlocked exciting opportunities by asking key questions and developing rigorous concepts that look beyond the stations themselves and maintain a distinctly human approach. The nine principles we developed cover all aspects of a station’s design - from pavement to platform - each providing an overriding philosophy and design approach while giving specific guidance on detailing, spatial arrangements, architectural forms and materials. At the heart of these principles is the idea of balance - that stations should always be considered in their ‘wholeness’ while making sure that commerce is always embedded within this broader outlook.