King's Cross Station

London, UK
London Underground
On going

The original clarity of the King’s Cross western ticket hall was confused by the arrangement of advertising, customer information and wayfinding on the long, single storey northern wall.

The wall opposite the ticketing area is the prominent feature of the ticket hall when approached from all directions. 

We clarified the space, adding order to the arrangement of the various products and services on the northern wall. We started by stripping the wall back to its original surface, then filled the dominant area opposite the gateline with a single high-impact advertising display (this replaced more ads that were in less prominent positions).

Above, is the wayfinding and line signage, pointing customers toward their onward Tube journey. To the left of the advertising and opposite the ticketing area, we installed a blue wall to clearly define the area for customer information and ticketing.

Lighting reflectors were added to subtly soften the ticket hall lighting and remove glare, while natural light is allowed to stream through revealed skywells. Lighting was placed over main areas, like ticketing, to highlight essential services. This made the hall feel clearer, more atmospheric and, most importantly, easier to use for staff and customers.