On the west coast of Iceland just south of Reykjavík lies Kársnes, a man-made sweep of land currently home to surburban residential houses and a semi-functioning industrial site that spans the coastal tip of the area. 

The framework seeks to evolve the existing positive attributes of the site and think about what is unique about Kársnes. This drives an overarching organic approach to growth over time. As opposed to traditional masterplanning where the site is imagined as a complete ‘product’ from the word go, our approach to growth will invest in the development of strong and distinct character areas within the site, year to year, over an extended period that relishes Kársnes’ unique personality. 

Our framework plan is not about wiping the slate clean, but about nurturing the diverse existing community. A form of curated urbanism focuses on selectively retaining and reinventing, adding and extending to evolve a dynamic place with firm roots in the past but with its gaze to the future 

Our main principle for the regeneration of a site like Kársnes is to bring nature to the forefront and weave the existing ecological assets of this area into the emerging neighbourhoods. By drawing the natural landscape into the inhabited spaces of the area, it becomes possible to imagine a reinvention of economic drivers and the introduction of a diverse range of industrial, leisure and domestic activities.