Erith School

Erith, UK
Anderson Group
Under Construction

Erith Hills Primary School is a new 3 Form Entry primary school building located in Erith, South East London, in the London Borough of Bexley.

The project includes a circular 3-storey school building surrounded by a series of formal and informal play areas along with underground parking and drop-off facilities.

Erith Hills Primary School is a part of the larger proposed Erith Quarry masterplan. The school site is located at the northern entrance to the masterplan adjacent to Fraser Road and aims to create a new focal point for the community.

The form of the building is circular with a centrally located external courtyard. The internal accommodation of the school radiates from this courtyard in a series of rings that provide circulation, teaching spaces, specialist teaching areas, and learning resource facilities. External balconies and terraces provide dedicated outdoor teaching spaces to the classrooms as a transition between the school and landscape.

Due to the steep topography of the site, the southern half of the school is embedded in the landscape, with the northern half visually cantilevering above. Pupils can circulate vertically through the building using the two internal stair cores, an external feature staircase located in the courtyard and a lift which serves all floors. The landscape is designed to have play areas on different levels connected with ramps and stairs and the car park is located beneath the all-weather football pitch.

The school building is designed with concrete, timber and glass employed as the principal materials. These materials have a strong relationship with the historic context of the quarry and the existing woodland, ensuring that it blends in comfortably with its setting. The glazing maximises natural daylight and visual connections to the landscape as well as providing passive supervision throughout.