Erith, UK
Anderson Group
Under Construction

Erith Quarry is built upon the ecological and geographical benefits of the site. Innovative design provides a new community space and cutting edge educational facilities to complement the residential provision.

Our approach to the site aims to create a new and interesting setting to be populated by approximately 600 dwellings, a 3-Form Entry Primary School, community facilities, retained ecological areas and newly provided open space. The masterplan promotes street typologies that encourage low-speed environments with traffic calming and shared surfaces to give nature a chance to flourish throughout the site.

Traditional building materials such as brick, natural stone and slate will be used for buildings, whilst the street and public spaces materials palette reflects the earthy colours of the former quarry.

The transitions and interfaces between private and public spaces have been influenced in our design by the ecological character and existing topography. Large areas of the development are already green space. The series of established tree species along the boundaries of the site are all to be retained, along with a large swathe of existing grassland across northern boundary of the site. 

Attention has been given to driving a biodiversity in the site with the provision of bat and bird boxes whilst increasing and managing existing grassland and woodland habitats. Along with the existing greenery, the proposals include dedicated play areas for children of all ages, with equiptment made from natural forms like boulders, timber poles and tree trunks.

The design also supports many newly planted trees and shrubs to soften the street scene, and generous rear gardens for all family houses.