Erith Apartments

Erith, London
Anderson Group

Our design concept for the apartments is driven by the site topography. Four buildings step down the hill in order to ensure lesser impact with a scale that relates to the existing neighbouring houses, and also to the rest of the Erith Quarry development. 

The buildings layout is set organically, creating open spaces in between blocks and allowing a better connection between the existing and the new. The stepping volumes and the façade composition create a faceted and varied appearance whilst maintaining the hierarchies set in the masterplan. 

The apartments include a mix of 1-bed and 2-bed units with a special focus on accessibility, and a non-residential unit at the lower level that brings day activity to the site and links it to the commercial activity in Fraser Road. 

The blocks are protected by a green transition space to the main entrance road, and merge into the ecological area through a secure banked landscape. The residential units at ground level ensure an active frontage to the street, whilst the impact of the access to the underground car park has been minimised and integrated with the landscape. 

Conceptually, the buildings arise as stratified stone remains of the quarry, inhabited through carving, and revealing the balconies in a glossy material to show the contrast between the aging of the stone and the dynamism of the occupants. 

Our vision for Erith Quarry Apartments is to deliver a high quality sustainable suburban community that is rooted and active, accessible and efficient.