Cluster of Spires

Waterloo, London
United Living

A Cluster of Spires is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a landmark building at a prominent location in London, that combines a uniquely community based brief with a redevelopment of the highest possible design quality. 

Cluster of Spires will be a beacon of regeneration for the local community in an internationally recognisable building. With a wide mix of uses, it will play a catalytic role in the transformation of the local neighbourhood. It provides spaces for meeting, learning, performing, doing business, playing sport, supporting people, quiet contemplation, and worship.

The spire of Lincoln Tower, located directly adjacent to the site, is a memorable icon of historical importance. The spire was part of a church that was bombed in the Second World War and the post-war replacement sits ill at ease within the site. Our proposal, formed in harmony with the rhythm of the spire, seeks to develop a complex that complements the historical architectural dialogue.