Chiswick Curve

Chiswick, London
Galliard Homes

This 32 Storey mixed use Tower is situated on the Chiswick Roundabout on the edge of the M4 motorway. Its architectural volume consist of three distinct curved forms that create their own cluster. The facades have difference material and colour panels and fins that accentuate the sense of aggregated forms as well as to carefully respond to the sun orientation in order to reduce heat gain. The aggregated quality helps to unify the form within its skyline.

The curved facades and the stepped terraces also help to soften the sense of mass and create a graduated transition between light and shadow.  

The first 6 levels dedicated to new start up businesses occupy the whole site footprint. Above, the residential levels divide into two main blocks of different heights.

The ground level is defined by an inviting landscaped entrance leading to a public walk-through lobby that serves the office levels as well as a gallery and a cafe. Between the office and residential levels there is a double height amenity space including a children's play area.

Special attention is given to the public realm surrounding the site and in particular the pedestrian experience under the M4 motorway flyover with the aim to reverse the current sense of urban severance. New trees and good lighting create a positive and welcoming presence on the roundabout.

Planning inspector Paul Griffiths concluded that Chiswick Curve would “mark the country’s commitment to quality and sensitivity which will act as a badge to our commitment to the best of the new”.