Camden, London
London Underground
On going

Our extension of Camden station is an evolution of the existing site that provides a natural continuity between the old station and the new.

For example, one way this organic expansion takes place is by designing a ‘tidemark’ where the datum lines of the original tiling from the old station have been extended into the new. The design takes the form of a large black skirting area that reflects the pattern of the original station and includes new cladding panel modules that align with the tiling line of the old concourse.

With this project it was important for us to work out what makes Camden unique and memorable and try to inject some of these features into the station. We researched the history of the area and mapped the future use of the spaces around the station extension. This approach allowed us to develop a public realm design that incorporates themes taken from the original station, but with the addition of a music-focused retail venue in the disused vent shaft. This venue provides an area devoted to performance, an element that reflects the character and history of Camden.   

In keeping with the Studio’s ‘Design Idiom’ for the London Underground, within the station, we used circles as a way-finding device to denote customer touch points such as information and ticketing. In contrast, large rectangular forms accommodate retail uses and advertising, and are used to demarcate commercial spaces.