Burgess Park Village

Aylesbury, London

Studio Egret West was appointed in September 2012 to be the lead masterplanner and architect in a competitive bidding process for the regeneration of the Aylesbury Estate.

We led a team including Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, Duggan Morris Architects and Grant Associates.

This is a unique London site, with nearly 1km of park frontage providing the setting for the metamorphosis from unloved estate to urban village. Our proposals define a memorable “central park” edge befitting a global city before quickly stepping down to a compact urban grain.

Our masterplan establishes a robust and flexible framework of streets and spaces that seamlessly tie in with the surrounding neighbourhoods and the park. It provides a series of new London garden squares to inject places to meet, play and grow and to be the focus of community activity. Each new neighbourhood is formed around one of these spaces, which in turn are shaped by retaining the majority of existing mature trees.