Beijing Cultural District

Beijing, China

The scheme proposes a new cultural anchor on the city’s north south civic axis of a scale similar to that of the Forbidden City.  The site has both national and international significance and thus it is essential that the design establishes a new benchmark.

The national stadium - the Bird’s Nest - sits opposite the site and is described as a novel and radical spatial experience, yet of an almost archaic immediacy. Not only does the proposal connect into this in a 2-dimensional plan form, it creates a 3-dimensional interpretation of its weaving structure to articulate the main public space - the People’s Gallery.  The ‘roof’ of the People’s Gallery provides physical and metaphorical bridges between all of the cultural plots, uniting the site and promoting solidarity, collaboration and independence amongst the institutions of the Cultural District.

The space in between becomes the fusion and the focus of interactions and responds to complex programmatic and circulation requirements.  The scheme provides an elegant setting for the new buildings and a dancing foreground of small scale informal pavilions that connect the site to the lake and afford stunning views.