Bath Western Riverside

Bath, Uk
Crest Nicholson
On Site

No. 1 Victoria Bridge Square and No. 1 Riverside Square are soft forms that comprise the frontispiece of Bath Western Riverside, a Crest Nicholson development in Bath.

No. 1 Victoria Bridge Square is a mixed-use residential building with 45 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments and café / restaurant use at ground level. No. 1 Riverside Square is a mixed-use residential building with 52 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments and restaurant use at ground level.

The 7-8 storey riverside residential blocks purposefully contrast with the other parts of the masterplan. They are shaped into ‘soft’ curved forms, which respond to their landscape and waterside setting, stepping backwards to reduce their sense of mass and to create terrace spaces with a view of the surrounding landscape. These forms evolved through the design process in response to our historical understanding of Bath as a city that developed as a series of formal elements (surrounded by landscape), from its medieval core, to the Circus and well-known ‘Crescent’ street typologies. We also considered examples of how Georgian architecture used curves in order to frame specific views of the landscape from within the building. The curved forms of the building are inspired by our visit to Bath Stone quarries where we identified the natural geological processes that occur to form stone underground. The curves add to the distinctiveness of the architecture creating softness of form and shadows enabling a balance of light and shades across the façades.

These buildings act as markers from afar and as ‘gate houses’ to the masterplan at the crossing points of the River Avon. The historical significance of water in Bath as a natural spa location was also considered. The garden plant spaces on the roofs of the buildings form a ‘green crown’ that can be seen from afar, whilst vertical walls at ground floor level soften the experience of passing between interior and exterior.