SEW x The Modern House

The Modern House – the eminent London based estate-agency-cum-connoisseurs-of-modern-architecture - have interviewed Christophe Egret about what it means to design and build considered, well-thought-through homes in the 21st century.


Speaking to Charlie Monaghan, Christophe focusses on The Boiler House, our recently completed project for HUB Residential.


“London, unlike other European cities, has really held onto its fascination with two-storey houses with gardens. But, the pressures of density in London are such that more and more people are living in flats. The site of The Boiler House is in the suburbs, so if you are proposing flats, rather than house living, it becomes essential to instil a sense of cohesion within the community.’’


“We made sure that all the public spaces – the lobby, roof garden, staircases – all feel like places people might want to engage in conversation.’’


The Boiler House is part of The Old Vinyl Factory – a £250million mixed use development in Hayes, West London, which  was originally home to His Masters Voice and EMI, the centre of the world’s vinyl record production.  The masterplan vision is the result of a partnership initiative between U+I and the LB Hillingdon. Our role at Studio Egret West has included: masterplanning the entire site; an urban design guardian role on behalf of the client; detailed architect for The Boiler House apartment building, The Power House energy centre, and The Music Box car park; and the landscape architect for the entire site.


You can read the full article with The Modern House here.