SEW Milano...

This years studio trip took us to Milan where our first stop off was the reimagined Lake Iseo. 100,000 square meters of shimmering yellow fabric, carried by a floating dock system gently undulating with the movement of the waves. The Floating Piers was first conceived by Christo and Jeanne-Claude together in 1970, now brought to life for two weeks of June 2016. A one off, completely inspiring experience. 

After a quick dip to cool off and a change of outfit, we continued to enjoy our evening outdoors sharing stories over food and wine.

The following morning we visited the venue of Fondazione Prada, conceived by architecture firm OMA, a configuration combining seven existing buildings with three new structures exploring spaces in which art can be exhibited and shared with the public.

Our second stop off was the The Vertical Forest, designed by Boeri Studio, a pair of residential towers in the Porta Nuova district.  A two-minute stroll took us to Café Gorille who hosted an incredible Italian lunch and was the perfect location for our peaceful protest in support of the London Remain March.

The afternoon was spent wandering the city, taking in our last moments of Milan before bringing the sunshine back to London