SEW Drawing Workshop #1

Last night's 'Concept Drawing with Christophe' marked the first of our latest series of drawing workshops.


Christophe encouraged the SEW team to pursue the discovery of architectural solutions through drawing and painting, ‘’I try and put in the sketches some of the vision of how it would feel if you were a person on that site. Practically all the sketches that I draw are taken from eye level, rarely from a bird’s-eye view. When you draw children, bicycles, prams, cars and cafés, suddenly the image becomes human. It’s no longer bricks and mortar. When people see the sketch, there is a veil that lifts and reminds them that, after everything is finished and sold, they want there to be a place that they can be proud of. That’s the enchanting moment...the power of the sketch over a CGI or plan done on a computer is that these latter images can feel quite finite, whereas a sketch is looser and can evolve.’