Science Island


Our proposal for the National Science and Innovation Centre of Lithuania is about journeys and processes. The centre is an aggregation of three boat-like vessels clustering around a new bridge link over the Neman River. We propose a living bridge, allowing glimpses into exhibits and becoming a learning artery between Congress hall, Science Island and the historic quarter.

The form and quality of the architecture reflects the red hues of Kaunas’ historic buildings such as the Castle. Inside, visitors are taken on a journey through the overlapping spheres of human, mechanical and natural processes. This sequence is articulated with moments of reflection with framed views over the context beyond.

The vessels are an interactive exemplar of sustainability, where the inner workings and environmental features are exposed. The journey spills into the science gardens and visitors can explore the human relationship to water, one of the most critical issues of our future on this planet and the foundation of life.

Our proposal, one of 144 entries to an international competition, was not shortlisted by the jury. Nevertheless, we wish Simpson Haugh and Partners well in the final stage.