Project WOW

Benson Elliot

Benson Elliot asked SEW to prepare a vision for Wolverhampton Westside. Our ambitious WOW-festo proposes a city playground for all ages – a local and regional destination for sports and play, framed by 500 new homes, 250 affordable starter homes for students and young people, a new hotel, a multi-screen cinema, a microbrewery, bars and restaurants, creative workspaces and a new food hall on the Market Square.

This is a place that welcomes and engages, that challenges your perceived limitations and encourages you in your pursuit of new ventures. A place that makes you say WOW! We say yes to ballgames. Yes to skateboarding and yes to walking on the grass.

We don’t settle for average! Our vision sees a range of activities at ground: a BMX track, an outdoor stage/screen, a mini velodrome, climbing structures and a giant sculptural slide offering children and adults alike a moment of exhilarating joy. The experience is amplified by extending the public realm vertically onto the buildings themselves, allowing podiums and rooftops to become an open to all city playground and viewing platform from which to observe the flurry of on-site activities as well as the life of the wider city; pocket parks, terraces and residential communal gardens mix with parkour tracks, sports pitches and outdoor gyms, offering up something for everyone.