Multi-Stories: Let’s Talk About Car Parks

Studio Egret West invite you to the opening night of our latest exhibition ‘Multi-Stories: Let’s Talk About Car Parks’. As part of this evening event, we will be hosting a panel discussion about emerging trends in the design of car parks, their role as an ingredient in mixed use places, and the technological advances that are set to transform our physical environment. 



Parham Vasaiely (Senior Manager Automated Driving - Jaguar Land Rover)

Robert Llewellyn (Actor, Writer, Comedian and Presenter - Fully Charged)

Cecilia Lindström (Associate Urban Designer and Writer – Studio Egret West)

Peter Elliott (Head of Property Development - Transport for London

and James Craig (Co-founder - Oval Real Estate)


The event is being held on Thursday 29th November, 18:00 - 21:00 at the SEW Showroom - 3 Brewhouse Yard, London EC1V 4JQ. 






About the exhibition

Studio Egret West’s exhibition, Multi-Stories: Let’s Talk About Car Parks, looks to explore the evolution of car parks within our urban environment.  


Car parks are usually seen as one of the least compelling ingredients of a place, and yet designers across the UK and internationally are developing a new generation of car parks that challenge past practice and showcase innovation and creativity. Seemingly contradictory uses are layered and blended together in radical compositions that deliver new hybrid typologies or eclectic neighbourhood ensembles. 


Furthermore, the development of autonomous vehicles, automated car parks, on demand services and intelligent applications is predicted to profoundly change our travel behaviour and our physical environment – our streets and our car parking facilities. One thing is clear: The monocultural car park as we know it will soon reach its expiry date and we are keen to consider what will replace it over time.


Car parks can be a conversation killer. Let’s make them a conversation starter...


Multi-Stories: Let's Talk About Car Parks will run from Friday 30th November 2018 to Friday January 30th 2019, and is open daily Tuesday - Friday between 10:00 - 16:00.