Gro' Brno

Brno, Czech Republic

SEW was invited by the Mayor of Brno to explore how to best grow the city as a 21st and 22nd century European city. The city’s southward expansion will span decades, and it is therefore critical that we formulate a flexible framework plan that embraces an evolutionary and organic approach to growth.

We envisage a place the is compact and dense, but avoiding stereotypical high rise development, achieving a critical mass of homes and active uses instead through a tight urban grain that takes its cue from the existing structure of the city. Key routes are animated by a diverse mix of uses ranging in scale from a large scale contemporary cultural venue - The Brno Modern - to smaller scale gallery spaces, co-working spaces for business start-ups, cafés and restaurants or academic uses can act as anchors that introduce life and activity to what could run the risk of becoming an inhospitable building site for many years to come.

The design of the new station is important as it has the capacity to provide the missing link that unlocks this vast piece of land and reconnects it with the city centre - a stepping stone between old town and new town that breaks down the road/railway barrier and welcome people across. We call it the BRNO Belvedere!

By linking up the city’s existing parks and green spaces and extending a linear park along the railway viaduct to the river and back up again we can establish a continuous green circuit around the city.  With the majority of the site within the River Svratka floodplain, a considered and sustainable approach to flooding is a fundamental component of the design. We propose a biodiverse and seasonal meadow with capacity to hold surplus water during wet weather, installing a responsive and fluctuating flood alleviation system that also bring recreational value to Brno residents and visitors - Brno’s New Waterfront Park.