Completing the Curves at Barking 360

Barking 360, our residential led scheme for Swan NU Living with the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, is nearing completion.

Located on a narrow site alongside Barking Station, the design uses an aggregated arrangement of connected drums which combine efficiency of volume with natural dual aspect orientations. Like organ pipes, the drums are composed with different heights with the lower roofs dedicated as communal terraces. The balconies add a further organic dimension which accentuates the horizontal connection between the five main drum elements.

The stepping up of the tall elements from the perimeter of the site minimises overshadowing and the visual impact on the immediate context. It also helps to soften the height difference between this landmark Barking building and the low rise vernacular by creating a mediating scale within the development.


Architect: Studio Egret West

Delivery Architect: Stockwool

Structural Engineer: Heyne Tillett Steel

Building Services: Mendick Waring