Breaking the Echo Chamber

Studio Egret West
Safia Qureshi

Before taking off for South Africa to speak at the Design Indaba Festival, Safia Qureshi of Studio D Tale gave us a run through of her speech on Cup Club.

Safia makes up one half of design duo Studio D Tale, who specialise in creating wide-impacting design to encourage positive social change around the world.

Cup Club is a reusable smart cup designed for UK retailers which will eliminate the 2.5 million single use cups we currently consume in London per year. Cup Club takes inspiration from the Indian enterprise model of the Chai Wallahs. In India Chai tea is sold on every street corner and the small durable glasses it is served in are collected in wooden crates by Chai Wallahs, washed and reused.

The idea is to build a new circular economy which will replace our current, disposable, take away habits. Through introducing what Safia describes as an “openly accessible social product”, a ubiquitous cup placed in participating UK coffee shops will be washed and re-used changing the way we consume hot drinks, while making a large dent in consumer waste.

Safia said that Studio D Tale are “excited by the idea of creating something high impact” with Cup Club and “the most important thing is changing behaviour”, the core value of each project they undertake.

Cup Club was launched as part of SEW’s London Design Festival 2015 exhibition INfluence in September.