[RE]WORKING LONDON: An exhibition about living with industry

(Re)Working London: An exhibition about living with industry is now open! Make sure to drop by the Studio Egret West Clerkenwell studio to explore the future of urban living and industry in London, as envisioned by ourselves and fellow architects and urbanists We Made That. The exhibition is open weekdays 10am – 4pm throughout the month of June, and is being held as part of the London Festival of Architecture, which this year explores the theme of 'identity'.

As part of the exhibition, we're also hosting a panel discussion next Thursday evening where we will examine the challenges and opportunities facing London's industrial sites. Speakers will be: Rob McNicol (Greater London Authority), Rob Sloper (U+I), Holly Lewis (We Made That), Lucas Lawrence (SEW) and David West (SEW) as chair. RSVP to amber@egretwest.com - we hope you can join us.

 ‘’London is a successful city, a fact supported by its continued growth. But with this success comes pressure to increase the density of underdeveloped sites; industrial land, with its often large surface areas and single storey buildings, has disproportionally suffered the consequences of this. This industrial land provides an important source of employment as well as space for the manufacturing, production, storage and distribution networks which support our lifestyles. Car repairers, brewers, bakers and coffee roasters, specialist trade suppliers for plumbers and electricians, steel fabricators and other manufacturers – many are leaving the capital because the land they occupy is wanted for housing. If London’s continued growth is to be a long term success, it must retain the provision of jobs and services for all those who live there; London needs both industry and housing.

The recently-published draft London Plan offers an opportunity to create new architectural identities for these very large, previously hidden areas of London dominated by low density, monocultural industrial use. Our exhibition looks into the possibilities for this identity, focusing on some of our recent works – from speculative through to complete - which explore unusual hybrids and challenge the preconceived ideas of how industry and communities can relate.’’

Find out more about the challenges and opportunities facing London’s industrial sites in our short video:  https://vimeo.com/273478551