(Re)Working London: An evening about living with industry

Last night we hosted ‘(Re)Working London: An evening about living with industry’, where ourselves, alongside We Made That, the GLA and U+I, explored the imperative challenge facing our city – how do we integrate industry with housing?

It was encouraging to see so many people whom recognise the value of London’s industry and the important role it plays in our urban life. It is our ambition as designers to create industrial neighbourhoods that cultivate a strong sense of place and identity, and celebrate manufacturing and productivity.

Make sure to drop by our Clerkenwell studio to see the coinciding exhibition, which is open until the end of June.  The exhibition looks into the possibilities for the identity of London’s industrial land, focusing on some of our recent works – from speculative through to complete - which explore unusual hybrids and challenge the preconceived ideas of how industry and communities can relate.

We’ve also made a short film about the topic here: https://vimeo.com/273478551